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This is Wirt and Gregory from “Over the Garden Wall.” It’s show I worked on at Cartoon Network, and it’s coming out on November 3rd! Check out some clips over here! It also has a page on Tumblr. I hope you check it out!


Lee Seungmi by Ahn Jiseop for Voguegirl Korea Nov 2011


hair goals forever X


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asian americans also experience violence from police not bothering to treat poor english speakers like human beings, fetishitic sexual predators targeting asian women, dudes beating us up bec they think we're taking their jobs/promotions. + our immigrant population has ridic rates of poverty that no one notices bec the statistics are so skewed from those early laws that only let 'productive' asian immigrants into the country. :/ the invisibility of all this is itself a part of anti-asian racism.


YES ^^^

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